Member Testimonials

"I was not feeling well and decided to call the telehealth service.  It was a wonderful experience.  The doctor called me back within 30 minutes.  I spoke with him for about 15 minutes and he wrote me a prescription that I picked up at my local pharmacy.  It was very convenient and saved me time and money.”  ~Ann

"I don’t get sick very often but I woke up one morning with a bad sore throat and an earache.  I tried calling some doctors in our medical network and was either told I had to wait two weeks or that the doctor was not taking new patients.  I literally couldn’t find a doctor who would see me and didn’t want to spend a lot of money going to an urgent care center.  I remembered that my son had bought a benefit that included Telehealth so I decided to give it a try.  After giving them a call, I was surprised when a doctor called me back in 20 minutes.  Not only did he send in a prescription for an antibiotic but he spent about 15 minutes answering questions I had about other minor aches and pains I had.  I was very surprised how professional the whole process was and will use this service again and again." ~William

"I was on a weekend vacation with my wife and felt I was getting sick.  While in the airport, I called the telehealth service.  The doctor called me back in less than 15 minutes.  She asked me questions about my symptoms and after about 5 minutes determined I had a sinus infection and called in a prescription.  Several hours later, when my plane landed, I stopped by the pharmacy and picked it up.  There is no way I could have seen a doctor that day yet I was on my medication before dinner.  I was very impressed." ~Harold



"My wife and I were enjoying a get-away in San Francisco when she realized her thyroid was acting up and she didn’t have any medication.  At 10pm on a Sunday night she said “Dan, we have to go home in the morning and cancel the rest of our vacation.”  I suggested we call the telehealth service to see if they could help us.  We called and a doctor called back pretty quickly and asked my wife all about her condition and symptoms.  The doctor then told my wife not worry, that she could get her on the right medicine.  We didn’t know where any pharmacies were so the doctor went online and found one about a block from our hotel in Union Square.  She told my wife the pharmacy would be open at 7am.  We got the medicine she needed in the morning and were able to enjoy the rest of our vacation.  They made us believers and saved our vacation." ~Dan and Theresa



"My daughter and son-in-law left the kids with my husband and I for the weekend.  They told us that if any of the kids got sick to call the telehealth service.  Sure enough, my granddaughter woke up late Sunday night with a bad earache.  I told my husband I was taking her to the emergency room and he told me to try Telehealth first.  I wasn’t that comfortable with that idea but I called.  A doctor called us back in 5 minutes, calmed me down and prescribed some ear drops that we were able to get at an all-night pharmacy.  It didn’t cost a penny to talk to the doctor.  From the time we called the doctor until my granddaughter was on her medication was less than an hour.  Grandma was very happy." ~Elizabeth



"I’m a sales and marketing rep for a pharmaceutical company and on the road all the time.  If I get sick and have to see a doctor, it could take a few hours out of my day when I’m in town but when I’m out of town, it could result in my having to pack up and come home.  A couple of weeks ago I had an allergy that turned into a sinus infection and I thought I was going down for the count but I called the telehealth service.  I couldn’t believe how great it worked.  The doctor got with me within 30 minutes, knew exactly what was going on, sent in a prescription and I picked it up an hour later.  That beat the heck out of sitting in a doctor’s office with a bunch of other sick people.  The value of this benefit is really priceless.  I will use them for anything short of an emergency for myself and my family.  It’s the best value for the dollar I have ever seen.  This is how medicine will be in the future." ~Frank



"I want to thank you for the Telehealth benefit my employer provided me.  I called my doctor today and was told I couldn’t get in to see him for 2 weeks.  I hung up and immediately called the telehealth service.  Their receptionsist took my name and information and told me a doctor would call me back shortly.  Thirty five minutes later a doctor called, asked me questions about my problem and told me he was going to have a prescription waiting at my pharmacy.  He said if I wasn’t better in 5 days to get to a local doctor but that he was confident I would be fine.  I’m on a high deductible insurance plan so by using Telehealth I saved $150 from not having to pay for an office visit.  Thank you." ~Mary



"My husband and I both got some kind of upper respiratory infection recently.  We went onto our Telehealth account and requested a video consult and received a link and an appointment time.  At 2pm sharp we went onto that link and we were talking directly to the doctor through our computer.  She gave us a diagnosis and some valuable advice along with a prescription.  This is a “must have” benefit that every family should have, especially since it takes so much time and money to see a doctor today." ~Angela



"My daughter is in Chicago at school and I’m in Alabama.  She was sick a few weeks ago and wasn’t interested in finding a doctor so she was just going to gut it out.  Within a few days, though, her condition got much worse.  I asked her to call the telehealth service and he prescribed two medications.  She picked them up that afternoon and with 2 days was already feeling much better.  Even though she is on our insurance plan, this was a far better solution and one which I think many students would embrace.  I feel so much better knowing that while my daughter is that far from home her doctor is just a phone call away. " ~Jeff


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