What is telehealth?

Telehealth was developed to serve a growing number of people in need of medical services but unable to access care at the appropriate level. Every day, thousands of patients are deferring treatment they need because they do not have convenient access to care. Thousands more seek care at the ER, the doctor’s office or an urgent care clinic that could have been provided much more quickly, conveniently, safely and cost-effectively over the phone or online. Telehealth is a fast-growing, multi-billion dollar marketplace today improving consumer healthcare around the globe. The American Medical Association has reported that as many as 70% of all doctor visits are for information only or for matters that can be handled over the phone. Data shows that over 36 million Americans have been treated through telehealth consultations.



575,000 medical consults, 900,000 estimated this year

92% of patient issues resolved

95% member satisfaction rating

10 minute median response time

0 medical malpractice claims


Redirection of Care:


54% would have gone to primary care physician

30% would have used urgent care

12%would have used emergency room


Average Savings to Employer: Over $381 per call!


Average Savings to Employer: Over $1,096 per call!


History of telehealth

Telehealth began as a set of tools for healthcare professionals to use for sharing medical information, images and data over long distances. It was cumbersome, expensive, required specialized hardware, and was only suitable for professional to professional communications; the patient was not directly involved.

Today, a new generation of telehealth has evolved which involves direct patient to physician communications on demand. There is no waiting, no driving, no appointment necessary. Instead of just addressing remote collaboration, we are tackling big economic issues like cost controls, access to care, over-use of inappropriate care settings, loss of productivity and the economic sustainability of physician practices.

How does telehealth work?

You can use telehealth for many of your medical issues instead of expensive and timely ER and urgent care visits.


Imagine this…

You wake up one morning with sudden cold-like symptoms: stuffy nose, cough, congestion. You have trouble getting an appointment with your existing doctor and you don’t want to miss time at work by sitting in an urgent care or ER waiting room. What to do?


Complete medical history

You complete your medical history when setting up your telehealth account to ensure this information is available when you request a consultation.

Contact Telehealth provider

You simply log into your account or call 24/7/365, to request either a telephone or video consultation.

Talk with a doctor

A U.S. board-certified physician licensed in your state reviews your medical history and provides a consultation, just like an in-person visit.

Resolve the issues

The physician recommends the right treatment for your medical issue. If a prescription is necessary, it is sent to the your pharmacy of choice.


At the end of every call, the doctor will ask if he’s answered all of your questions, and the telehealth provider will follow up to make sure you’re delighted with the service. With your permission, they can even send a record of your encounter to your current doctor.


The best part of the telehealth program benefit is no limit to usage and NO additional consultation fees.


Doctors Online--an enhanced telehealth service that gives even great access to healthcare information and education:


Doctors Online provides 24/7 access to web-based answers to medical questions from an expert team of board-certified physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, dietitians, and fitness trainers.


  • Email access to the eDocAmerica medical team.

  • Smartphone App (iPhone/Android) access to the medical team. Ask any medical or health questions and always get personal, direct answers.

  • 3D Video Library with more than 250 videos. Weekly Health Tips emails from doctors.

  •  Healthy Lifestyle Assessment to help you monitor your current health status.

  • All services can be used as often as needed, are confidential, and include the entire immediate family.

Telehealth Brochures

In addition to savings on healthcare, consumers are also seeking innovative strategies to save money on everyday products and services without sacrificing quality.

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