NB Fitness

Your members can stay active for just $28 per month! NB Fitness provides members extreme flexibility in membership choices, direct access to a national network of 17,500+ participating gym partners, and 9,000+ workout videos. Members can switch gyms anytime, and will pay the monthly charges directly on the Active&Fit Direct website.



What is NB Fitness?
NB Fitness provides access to the Active&Fit Direct program, one of America’s fastest growing fitness programs. Active&Fit Direct is a flexible, comprehensive, low-cost fitness program offered through American Specialty Health Fitness Inc.The Active&Fit Direct will help you become more active without breaking the bank.

What’s included in the Active&Fit Direct Program?

*Additional fees apply if enrolling a spouse or domestic partner.

How much does it cost?
Active&Fit Direct offers a standard membership for $28 per month, and a premium membership with 20-70% discounts at most exercise studios. Premium membership fees may vary based on fitness center selection but will be clearly communicated before you enroll. When you enroll, you’ll pay an enrollment fee, membership fees for the first and second months, plus any applicable taxes. If you enroll a spouse or domestic partner, their membership fees will be included on your invoice. You can access your invoices in the Billing & Payments section of your Active&Fit Direct online account.

Can I enroll for just one month?
No, there is a 2-month minimum enrollment period, but after 2 months, participation is month-to-month, and can be canceled anytime.

I’m enrolled! When can I start using the gym or studio I selected?
Once enrolled, print your Active&Fit Direct ID card, or save it to your phone, and bring it to any participating gym or studio. The gym or studio will verify your enrollment and ask you to complete their membership agreement. You’ll then receive a membership card or key tag which you’ll use every time you check in. This process applies to each new gym partner location or studio you wish to visit.

How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership anytime by logging on to the Active&Fit Direct website, and selecting Manage Memberships. If you cancel your membership during your first two months, your enrollment will be terminated on the last day of the second month. Refer to the Program and Website Terms and Conditions for more information.

Do I have to be a certain age to enroll?
Yes, you must be 18 years or older to enroll in Active&Fit Direct.

How do I enroll my spouse or domestic partner?
To enroll your spouse or domestic partner, you must first enroll yourself. Once you create your account, select your fitness center, then pay your initial fees. Select the link on the dashboard, located just above your fitness card, and complete your spouse’s or domestic partner’s information before selecting their fitness center. You’ll then pay their enrollment fee and monthly fees from your account. Your spouse or domestic partner will receive an email instructing them to create their own account. From there, they can view their Active&Fit Direct ID card,and access on-demand workout videos, healthy living coaching, the resource library, and more. Spouses/domestic partners must be 18 years or older.

Will my spouse or domestic partner pay their own membership fees?
No, the primary account holder is responsible for their spouse’s or domestic partner’s membership fees.

What happens if I cancel my membership?
There are no fees associated with canceling your membership. However, if you cancel and re-enroll at another time, you may have to pay an enrollment fee again. If you cancel your membership, your spouse’s or domestic partner’s membership will also be canceled.



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